Popular photo booth hire backgrounds

Photo booth hire has gaining attention day be day. People like to incorporate photo booth Perth in their wedding events. The photo booth hire offers a lot of themes for your wedding because the photo booth company want to make this special day even more special and memorable for you.

Photo booth Perth backgrounds adds a personal touch to your wedding photos.

You can choose a variety of themed backgrounds that can be customized on demand. We have a lot of unique and popular backdrops ideas for you wedding day. And the majority of them are so simple to put together.

  • Use a fun fabric as your background and incorporate the fun props like vintage frames or let your guests go wild with chalkboards!
  • Flowers Ah! Decorate your wedding photo booth background with white flowers and create a decent elite look. You can decor the backdrop with flowers in any shape like you can make a frame of flowers, just put the bunches all around and so many like this. Guests will feel wow with natural flowers and their fragrance.
  • Sparkly tassels are great for adding a fun pop up your pictures. At photo booth Perth you can choose sparkly tassel of any colour and along with fairy lights and flowers you can create something extraordinary.
  • People like fun props like animal faces, lips, Facebook thumbs up, putting chalk boards with different funny wordings etc etc… you can make a simple and elegant background with any material of customer’s choice and let the people create the fun with different props.
  • Make your entire wedding photo booth a chalkboard backdrop!
  • Say cheese – you’re in a fake polaroid! Customize the polaroid “frame” with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date for a fun keepsake.
  • Having a wedding photo booth with a more rustic venue? Using hay bales or wooden pallets are a great and resourceful way to capture your wedding’s theme with the photo booth.
  • DIY backdrops made out of colorful paper are great for anyone who’s crafty and loves bright colors!
  • Fairy lights gives a romantic touch to your photos. By using fairy lights in your background, you can capture the romantic moments. fairy lights with flowers or fairy lights with white fabrics gives an elegant look.

So, which of the above backgrounds is a must have for your photo booth wedding? The great thing is that most of the these are fairy DIY able at photo booth Perth; so, if you don’t see something attractive for your photo booth wedding event! you can customize, modify and create your own photo booth background.