What you need to know about Wedding Photobooth hire

Photobooth hire has become especially popular in recent years covering all types of the events, specially weddings. Wedding are a social event that are important where everyone wants to make it a memorable occasion. Hiring a photobooth Perth for your wedding reception is a fantastic way to provide some extra entertainment for your guests whilst capturing some great shots of all the people who came to help you celebrate your special day. Before hiring a wedding photo booth, you must know the followings things about them


  • You must know about the quality of the pictures before choosing a photo booth for your wedding.
  • You must make sure lighting quality, printer quality, print speed and much more are all on point. For that purpose, check out the most recent pictures and make sure they are not grainy and pixelated.
  • Quality for photobooth Perth use, the attendant, photobooth provides also includes in quality. The attendant must be trained as an on-site technician that will change the printer paper and making adjustments on camera focus and greet and interact with your guests.


  • Before hiring a wedding photobooth, you must have a clear knowledge of the packages and the prices of the packages they offer.
  • you must also know that which is best suited package for you.
  • Photo booth rentals can vary from about $500-$1500 depends upon the package and the other services chosen. Make sure all your requirements are met with in the package you choose and the exact cost must also be clear
  • Go with a real photo booth and give your guests something they will enjoy.


  • Time is also a key factor before hiring a wedding photo booth. Sometime your function lasts for 3-4 hours or sometime it extends to 5 hours and more.
  • You must know the extra charges per hour and most precisely you must choose that package which have flexibility of time and money.


  • You must also check the reviews of the wedding photobooth before taking final decision.
  • People comments and feed back gives you the idea of the photobooth hire
  • A reputable company should have reviews and mentions on site other than their personal websites.

Wedding Photobooth Guest books:

  • Photo booth must provide a guest book to make your event lively and memorable.
  • The scrap page quality must be awesome and pens they provide must pop up the pages.
  • The number of the pages in the guestbook must be clearly mentioned before hiring a wedding photo booth. 

When will you get your Perth Photo Booth pictures:

  • After your event is over, you must know the next step. When the attendants will give your pictures and videos to flash drive and handed it over to you along with the guest book.
  • When will you get the prints? all these things must be clear. 

Booking you Wedding Photobooth:

  • You must know the advance booking timing of wedding photobooth hire. So you can get the appointment on right time just to make your wedding memories unforgettable.
  • Small part time photo booths have one setup or only a couple of employees.be sure to ask if replacements are available if any issue created.